5: Relunctant Leaders Make the Best Leaders

MotherTandHANSDo you find yourself in a position of leadership that stretches you?? Ever wish you could go run and hide every once in a while?

I hope you listen to the podcast show episode #5 about Reluctant Leadership.

In 1994 I had a chance to meet Mother Theresa in Calcutta, India.? She was an amazing women of compassion who won the Nobel Prize for her ministry among the poor.? As I was in her presence I realized what a humble spirit she had–a truly remarkable servant leader who so reluctant to gain attention.? She was a great leader for all the right reasons.

Here is what cover in today’s podcast:

* What is reluctant leadership?
* What’s so great about reluctance?
* Five excuses many people make to avoid being a leader in a situation
* The Seven deadly motives for wanting leadership or staying in leadership past your prime
* The kind of leaders that the world is begging for? are you one of these?

We need more great leaders with the right motives.
1. The world is hunger for great leadership
2. The world needs great leadership
3. We desperately need more great leaders for all walks of life.
4. We desperately need more of the RIGHT KIND of leaders. (That is what the show is about today)
5. It is OK to want to be a leader for God: This is a trustworthy saying: “If someone aspires to be an elder, he desires an honorable position.” I Tim 1:3 NLT
6. We need leaders with the RIGHT motives!

When I talk about leaders in God’s plan for this,planet, I am talking leaders in all walks of life.? In the marketplace, professional world in churches, nonprofits, education, government or ministry.

Some of the Christian Leaders I admire most are in the marketplace, not in the pulpit or on the mission field.

SO WHERE DO WE LEARN ABOUT GREAT LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES?I believe that we can find resources for great leadership in all kinds of places:

* Books
* Podcasts
* GREAT leaders
* Seminars
* From people who don’t know God (natural revelation)
* From people who do (spiritual revelation)
* From the Bible: (special revelation) For today’s topic I will use the Bible

Of the greatest leaders in the Bible was Moses.? He knew God face to face. In the Old Testament Exodus Three we find the record of his leadership calling:? This is the story of Moses at the burning bush – This is one of the greatest leadership conversations between God and man in all of the Bible.

The need was a suffering people in Egypt that needed to be delivered.
Leadership always fills a massive need.

Moses made five excuses why God had the wrong man:
V 11: Excuse 1: The excuse of Identity – I am a nobody.? You talkin to me?
V 13: Excuse 2: The excuse of Authority – No one sent me.? No clout.
V 4:1 Excuse 3: The excuse of Credibility – I am not special.?? Family and friends doubt.
V 4:10 Excuse 4: The excuse of Gifting – I don’t have what it takes.? I am lacking XYZ
V 4:13 Excuse 5: The excuse of Cowardice – I just don’t want to God!

The 5th excuse:? He finishes with what I have come to call the “prayer of the reluctant leader.”? All excuses really are equal.

Exodus 4:13? But Moses said, ?O Lord, please send someone else to do it.?

Illustration: How many times I have prayed that prayer:

* Before a meeting
* Before a confrontation
* Before firing someone
* Before an uncomfortable board meeting (40 in my career)
* Before a big speaking assignment
* Before a huge deadline
* After a big failure when I wanted to crawl under a rock and stay there

So why did God insist on using Moses?? Why did God not move on to the 2 million others he had to chose from?? What was it about this man that so captured the heart of God?????
The Key is Humility – Numbers 12:3 – That’s why God wanted to use him!
The fact that Moses did not feel that he had anything to offer made him perfect for the job

Seven deadly motives I have seen in leadership that are career killers: Page 75 in my book, The Top Ten Leadership Commandments.

* Power
* Prestige
* Position
* Popularity
* Pride
* Personal Gain
* Paycheck


DL Moody: Moses spent his first forty years thinking he was somebody.
He spent his second forty years learning he was a nobody.
He spent his third forty years discovering what God can do with a nobody.

Conclusions:? We desperately need the RIGHT kind of leaders.

What is your motive?
Is it time for a gut check?
If your motive is one of these you are on the right track:

* I want to do good
* I want to help other people
* I want to change the world in a positive way
* I want to influence positive change
* I want to serve the people that follow me
* I want to serve God
* The world out there is crying for more servant leaders.

  • Servant Leadership is about doing what God needs to get done, not what I? want to get done.
  • Servant Leadership is when the leader cares more about the good of the team than his or her own enrichment.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself praying the prayer often that I have prayed throughout my journey: “Lord, please send someone else.”?? You are most likely exactly who God is looking for to use as a leader in His plan.

Leadership quote of the show:

DL Moody: Moses spent his first forty years thinking he was somebody. He spent his second forty years learning he was a nobody. He spent his third forty years discovering what God can do with a nobody.

Leadership book recommendation of the show:?? I don’t really have a book to recommend today other that to read the story of the calling of Moses in Exodus 3.? Read it and ask yourself, “Am I using these excuses to avoid leadership?”

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