Are you in need of an older confidant to confide in? A listening ear perhaps? Someone to bounce off your ideas or your frustrations? I find that many leaders are lonely and cannot confide in the people that they work with or even their board. That is part of the mentoring process that I love with younger leaders.

I love mentoring leaders. Sometimes it is very organic and informal, other times it is a more formal agreement. Sometimes there is no cost involved, other times I am hired in a more formal fashion. You might not even know that you need a confidential listening ear.

Here is a typical agreement that I make with leaders who need a listening ear and the wisdom of an older man.

Mentoring Agreement

Mentoring leaders is my passion.  I enjoy helping church and ministry leaders take their leadership to the next level.  I seek to challenge and stretch those I mentor as well as provide an outside sounding board for leadership wisdom and decision-making.   My process is organic and is focused on answering this question for you, “How can I help you?”  There is no perfect template for every leader and organization.  There are no contracts in my relationship with those I mentor and consult.  We agree to journey together for a season and set guidelines. 

Goal of this mentoring relationship:  

  • To aid and assist your leadership challenges at your ministry in these days of great challenges.
  • To offer advice and counsel and a listening ear as you process the many challenges you face in your leadership.
  • To share wisdom and advice in key areas of your decision-making and growth as a leader.
  • To be an experienced sounding board for your plans for the next phase of your leadership at your ministry.
  • To give you counsel on leaving a great leadership legacy at your place of ministry.

Guidelines and Perimeters:

  1. Regular connection is a core component to making this kind of a relationship work.  Consistency is key.
  2. We meet by phone or ZOOM twice a month for sessions that last for one hour to ninety minutes (Depending on your time constraints).
  3. We will clarify expectations at the beginning and throughout the process.
  4. I normally work in six-month cycles – we evaluate progress at end of every six months.
  5. We will plan three to four meetings forward on our calendars at any given time.
  6. We will gather the topics to cover together as we get started.
  7. I will give assignments from time to time as time permits.  I have a number of mentoring exercises that can be of help to you in your leadership.
  8. We will cover what your needs are — not my agenda.
  9. You will initiate all the phone calls.
  10.  You will have access to me five days a week via phone, email or text with quick questions or advice.  I want to be available to you as urgent questions come up.
  11. Confidentiality is iron clad.  What is spoken in our time together stays there.

I work with clients on a month to month basis with no long-term contracts.   As long as I provide value, we move forward.   

I can provide references upon request from other ministries I have helped along their journeys.

They Trust Me