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Many equate leadership with knowledge or talent. But in today's workplace people don't follow knowledge or talent. Both are easy to find, and having those may actually be a deterrent to effective leadership. Top Ten Ways To Ge A Great Leader shows us the characteristics that real leaders possess. And fortunately, they can be learned by anyone with a heart for true leadership.
Dan Miller
Author & Coach

Top Ten Ways to Be a Great Leader

After 30 years in the trenches of leadership, I decided to ask the question, “What are the most important skills every new leader should master?” I came up with an acrostic for the word LEADERSHIP. Each chapter of this book, 10 chapters in all, outlines one of those essential skills/behaviors. The “Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make” is about pitfalls to avoid. This book is the other side of the coin, it is about essential skills every leader should master.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!

  1. “L” Is for Listen and Learn
  2. “E” Is for Emotional Intelligence
  3. “A” Is for Accessibility
  4. “D” Is for Determination
  5. “E” Is for Effective Communication
  6. “R” Is for Resilience
  1. “S” Is for Servant Attitude
  2. “H” Is for Hands Off Delegation
  3. “I” Is for Integrity
  4. “P” Is for the Power of Humility
This is the bestseller that has touched hundreds of thousands and is now available in twenty languages other than English. Most leadership books have a short shelf life, but Hans’ book has endured the test of time. It’s a great read on servant leadership.
Rick Warren
The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

Although leadership is the hot topic on conference agendas and book tours, most people who find themselves in positions of leadership have little or no training for the role. They simply continue to make the same old mistakes.

With additional and newly updated material, this leadership classic reveals the most common errors that leaders consistently make regardless of training or age-and the way to stop these bad habits from undermining their positive talents and accomplishments.

Whether you are leading a church, company, a ministry, a Girl Scout troop, or your family, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make is a must-read for anyone who wants to lead others effectively.

Hans Finzel has written a leadership classic with his Top Ten Mistakes! This is one of the most practical books on leadership I have in my own personal library. If you are serious about becoming a better leader you will want to read this book.
John C. Maxwell
Author, Speaker and Founder The INJOY Group.
The Top Ten Leadership Commandments

The Top Ten Leadership Commandments

This leadership classic is  based on the life and legacy of Moses. “I happen to think he is one of the greatest leaders in history because he had such a tough leadership assignment but did not quit!”

Based on the life and legacy of Moses, Hans presents ten scriptural principles that can revolutionize your business, your ministry, even your life.

The life of Moses provides a master study on what it means to be an effective leader. Consider his pedigree: Answered the call to do something beyond his means; stood his ground before kings; led millions of people on a journey across rivers and through deserts. Moses did this all with a dogged persistence that would not give up. You will discover a dynamic, effective tool for developing leadership skills, all built on the solid foundation of God’s word.

You're in a leadership role... or maybe you're headed for your first leadership role. If you're an emerging leader, are you looking forward to the opportunity? If you're already there, are you fulfilled, finding joy and peace? Does your leadership inspire others? Do you love what you do or is it a drudgery? Are you where you belong? Is your heart engaged or are you just going through the motions? The Power of Passion in Leadership by Hans Finzel will help you grow into a better understanding of yourself, your leadership role and what inspired leadership looks like.
Bob Creson
President/CEO, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA
Millennial BOOM!

Millennial BOOM!

What is the Millennial BOOM? It might just be the sound of warfare across the two largest generations in America’ workforce today. How much productivity are you losing as you assimilate Millennials into your operations?  Boomers number 76 million but Millennials are maxing out at 82 million! Is it possible to reduce the friction and respect each other? Hans and Patrick wrote this book to break up the cold war in life and work with Boomers and Millennials everywhere. What makes this book unique? It is co-written by a Boomer and a Millennial who actually respect each other and have learned to work well together.

Hans and Patrick get you thinking about how to bridge the gap between generations that can make or break a company culture and ability to maximize results in any entity. Their real-life experiences offer real life stories and provide a catalyst by a couple of thought leaders about what it takes to get along.
Brian C
Business Consultant

The Power of Passion in Leadership

Just released: Do you do what you love and love what you do? How many of us are stuck in day jobs that really don’t Has your heart left the building? In The Power of Passion in Leadership you will learn what it means to work in your “passion zone.” I explain from my own journey, how to find your passion zone and what action steps to take if you are far from that place of fulfillment.

Navigating the waters of post career can be challenging. In Launching Your Encore, Finzel and Hicks give great guidance on how to pass the rapids successfully.Your best years may well be ahead.I highly recommend this book for all who are retired or contemplating finding new adventure later in life.
Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
Author of The 5 Love Languages®
Launch Your Encore

Launch Your Encore

No longer retiring at 65 and dying soon there after, people are ending up with a whole lot of life left after their main careers are over. A lot of boomers are asking the post career question, “What’s next?” Most of us don’t believe in the “R” word, traditional retirement. Launch Your Encore is the answer to the “what’s next?” question. We explore how to find adventure and purpose later in life with intentionality. There are dangers to avoid and adventures to explore. Our passion is to help you find meaning and purpose in your sixties, seventies, and eighties (What we have coined as the 60-80 window). With the average U.S. life expectancy reaching eighty, we are entering an exciting new life stage. It just might be that our final act is our greatest!

Maybe 20% of the successful people in our world have already put into place the wisdom and tips included in this practical guide to enhancing a productive 60-80 year old window of opportunity. For the remaining 80%, this book is an exceptional, step-by-step plan to live out the last 20 or so potentially satisfying years of life. The tips and tools provided are proven guidelines to open doors, establish plans, and analyze the past and present in order to ensure the future as positive and rewarding. This is a read well-spent and a worthy self-development project. I have retired three times and am pursuing a fourth personal/professional endeavor. I can recommend this book.
Michael E LaRiviere
Unlocking the Scriptures

Unlocking the Scriptures

This updated classic leads the reader through the inductive Bible study process, showing practically how to study the Bible for one’s self.

The three simple steps to Bible Study are:  Observe, Interpret and Apply.   With this workbook tool, Christians can learn to relevantly apply God’s Word to their lives as His Spirit leads them personally, rather than as some other leader might direct. Finzel’s style of teaching Bible Study is very accessible—providing practical examples that walk the reader through the steps of unpacking Scripture, using actual passages to practice. Free downloadable study guide and activities are included in the book. 

From the forward: Hans Finzel has served the body of Christ well by providing a practical guide for studying the Word for oneself. Too many believers are under the Word but are not personally in it. The model he presents is both workable and realistic. It has been tested in a variety of settings (including cross-cultural) and with varied groups of people. It is a delight to commend the work of a colleague to anyone seriously interested in developing the skill of firsthand Bible study. It will change your life!
Howard G. Hendricks
Former distinguished professor at Dallas Theological Seminary

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