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Hans Finzel is known as an author of great leadership books. He travels the world speaking and teaching on all things leadership. Hans is a successful author, mentor, speaker and trusted authority in the field of leadership. Hans has trained leaders internationally on five continents. He and Donna founded HDLeaders in 2012 where he serves as President.  Prior to that, Hans completed twenty years as President and CEO of international non-profit WorldVenture. Hans and his wife Donna spent ten years living in Vienna, Austria while training leaders throughout Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain before the fall of communism. He has an earned doctorate in the field of leadership from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies.  He has served on the Board of Trustees of Columbia International University (CIU.EDU) for twenty years. Hans is host of “The Leadership Answer Man” Podcast. He is the author of ten books, including his bestseller The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make(David C Cook) and his newest release is MillennialBOOM! (Top Ten Enterprises) with Patrick Kelly. His books have been published in over twenty foreign languages.

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What Others Say About Hans' Books

One of my professors, who has read over 2,000 books on leadership, said that if he was asked to give one book to a new leader it would be The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. I believe this will be a time where you will glean something that has the potential to impact your life and ministry.
YWAM in Montana
Regarding Launch Your Encore, this is a great look into the why and how of energizing our later years with purpose and meaning—with plenty of inspirational, relevant stories and tools for self-assessment and planning.
Harold Myra
Former CEO of Christianity Today International
Thanks, Hans. It was one of the highlights of my time at Denver Seminary to take your class and get to know you. I continue to recommend Change is Like a Slinky as one of the best books on change that I have ever read.
Garland Vance
WinShape – Chick-fil-A
Hans Finzel’s book, “The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” is part of a regular required reading for the leadership training we have. Whether emerging leaders or one’s seasoned, the points are very relevant for today’s leader. I recommend Hans’ personalized webinar alongside the reading, it was noted as highlight by participants in the year leadership-training course.
Dave Hoffman
Missional Training, Operation Mobilization USA
I wanted to take a few moments to tell you that I have enjoyed reading your book, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. Your book gives great examples of what leaders should and should not do to remain or become effective leaders. I am working on obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree from Liberty University and have had the opportunity to read your book in the “Leadership and Management of the Local Church” class. Though some may not like the Bible references, I believe that this book could change our leadership in the United States, to something that I remember hearing my elders talk about. I truly appreciate your insights, as it seems that you remember the days that you were being managed, though you lead. It is an awesome testimony of to your character. I am glad that I have had the chance to get to know you through your book and wish you and your family the best throughout your lives. “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NKJV). Thank you!
Rex Howard
Dear Hans, I thought that you might be interested to know that your book, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make has now made its way to Ethiopia (if it hadn’t been there already). I was asked by a student of mine to teach a course on Leadership at a school that he started in Addis Ababa. Your book is our textbook, since I thought that it help a lot of practical advice that could be of benefit to the students. I have about 20-23 students in class, and I’ve been told that they are from 11 different denominations in Ethiopia. I have the students submit a reading report, and today I read through their first one (on the Introduction and Chapter 1). I told them to just write down significant thought that stood out to them, thoughts that they would want to remember. Apparently, many things stood out, as they submit a report much longer than I had suggested.
Jim Dahl
Vice-President of Academic Affairs at Tyndale in the Netherlands

What Others Say About Hans' Speaking and Teaching

Hans brings a wonderful blend of scholarship along with a rich global understanding that is seasoned with a winsome sense of humor. Our students loved what he had to share in our chapel. I would love him back soon!
Joe Walters
Dean of Spiritual Formation, Colorado Christian University
Hans spent a week with us in Istanbul, Turkey teaching and training our leaders from our works in Europe, Asia, and Africa. With about 60 leaders and 20 countries represented this conference was a significant milestone in building a more cooperative relationship across our international organization. Hans’ credibility as a well-known author and leader of World Venture proved to be the catalyst we needed to bring such a diverse group of our leaders together. His teaching was challenging and a highlight for many that attended the conference. His personal style and willingness to engage with our people directly over meals and informal times just added to the impact of the principles he taught in his plenary sessions. I would highly recommend Hans to any organization interested in developing and instilling solid servant leadership principles into the culture of their organizations.
Tim Strauss
Eurasia Regional Director, Mission Aviation Fellowship
Thanks, Hans! It was great to have you and Donna at First Bible. One of the comments I’ve heard is that your talks were so POSITIVE. You shared the needs of China (and the world) but you also shared the good things that are happening in missions today. People were encouraged to hear of so many believers in China.
Lyn Cook
First Bible Church Decatur, Alabama
I would highly recommend Hans to serve as your leader, coach or teacher. He connects with his audience and makes sure they learn. So many just lecture, but Hans doesn’t stop until the principles have been learned. He understands that the greatest leadership principles of all time are right in God’s Word. You will take proven principles and apply them to climb to new heights as a leader. Hans is THE MAN when it comes to leadership. The principles of Moses as a leader are incredible…you’ve got to pick up a copy of The Top Ten Leadership Commandments!
Curt Beavers
Business Leader, Atlanta Georgia
Just a quick word to say thanks for the Skype lecture to us here at YWAM Lakeside. You were [especially for the format] personable, engaging, informative and challenging. How I wished we had more time to go even deeper. Working with the assignment we gave you, the time available, and broad audience, you did a great job. I always appreciate speakers who are easy to work with, and who can engage through the format of video conferencing. Thanks.
YWAM Lakeside Montana
I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with us yesterday. What an honor and a blessing! As I sat and listened, I came to appreciate your wisdom, experience and heart. This morning, a couple of people who attended the session sought me out to say it was such a meaningful discussion. Especially with all the changes happening at the church. I have been thinking about the two lists… “things that can change” and “things that can’t change”. We’ll have to plan the next discussion around this.
Cherry Hills Community Church

What Others Say About Hans' Leadership Answer Man Podcast

I discovered you by listening to the DTS Podcast some weeks back. I've always had a soft spot for Dallas Seminary and did take some online classes from there when I was completing my own seminary degree in my home state--including a class by Dr. Hendricks. Boy, did I love the class he taught. I think it was his leadership class too! Well, I appreciate all you offer on leadership and dealing with hardships with career. Listening to your podcast and reading your blogs, I realized that you hit the issue that I struggle with right on the head. I mean, spot on. I have never heard any one else speak directly to my situation as you do. I thank you for that.
Ken from Texas
Thanks for the link to your podcast, I listened to the most recent 3 episodes today on my drive to work (more lined up for the way back!) and over and over again I felt like you were describing me and/or (particularly when you were talking about the walking dead!). As I am sure you know, going through a transition like this requires us to surround ourselves with all kinds of support, and I have certainly added your podcast to the list of things that will help me through this. Looking forward to the book! Cheers.
Amanda from Australia
Hans, as I have time, I enjoy exploring your website. I just rode in the car with you in California J and enjoyed the 4 questions every follower asks. There are five other ladies on my leadership team for Community Bible Study and about 45 leaders we disciple each week to equip them for leading their small groups later the same week. Your insights are always helpful. I wanted you to know I am implementing some of them as God continues expanding my ministry territory.
Delaine from California
I was at Colorado Christian University and listened to you speak to the student leaders there about leadership. Thanks so much for doing that in like March or April. I also bought your book, the Top Ten Mistakes Leaders make. Thanks for writing that! I plan on using that in my leadership journey. Also, I listen to your podcast while I drive and it has been a huge blessing! I have a 5 hr trip back home to Montrose. I used to listen to music and feel tired when I got home, but after listening to the podcast I arrive home fresh and with the feeling that I accomplished something! Thanks for taking the time to publish those for people like me!
Josiah from Colorado
Hi Dr. Finzel -- well, I was the Director of Training for the Wisconsin State Patrol until recently reassigned the role of "special projects". I think the Amish in our area call this shunning. Forgiveness is very liberating. Hey, your podcasts are great! I simply web-searched your name after reading your book "Top Ten Mistakes That Leaders Make". I frequently share copies of your book with my friends (my not-so-friends have taken offense and don't know, that they don't know). My daughter is sharing your book and podcasts with the Fortune 500 (top ten) company she works with. I have introduced your material to our Department of Justice, in order to develop the Ethics training in our state -- will work its way into the Sheriff's and Chief's Associations when managed correctly. Sorry, for rambling. You have cause to be very proud!
Officer Chris from Wisconsin