17: Four Questions Every Follower Asks

bigstock-Empower-11112995Has this ever happened to you when your boss gave you a job to do? ?Or do you do this to people who report to you? ?I hope you will listen to this weeks podcast.

Boss disasters…

  • I am given a big project to do – I get it done and the boss no longer wants it. ?They already made a decision to go a different direction
  • I am given a big job to do but NO authority to make any decisions.
  • I am given a big job to do – I turn it in and get ZERO feedback!
  • I am not given any clear assignment at my work – confusion reigns
  • My boss takes all the credit for a big job that I DID!

I was just talking to a good friend the other day. ?He longs for direction from his boss. Instead, he always gets two answer

  • We’ll talk about it later.
  • You know – just do what you feel needs doing around here
How would you rate as a boss in terms of your ability to give good instructions as you delegate?
How would you be rated as a delegator?
According to Dr. Brene Brown, The number one reason people quit their jobs: ?Lack of Feedback
3 ?signs of a miserable job: ?Partick Lencioni
  1. Anonymity. ?People don’t care about me. ?Solution: Get to know your people. Care. Names. Love.
  2. Irrelevance. ?My job is meaningless. ? Solution: Find the reason and purpose for your job. Don’t assume that they know.
  3. Immeasurement. ?Am I making progress? ?We need to have a score card. Solution: Metrics can be quantitative or qualitative. ? People need to have a way to know if they are doing a good job.

Four questions every follower asks:

1. What am I supposed to do?
Good delegation starts with clarity of assignments.
Here is how you do this: ?
  • What do I have in mind?
  • What is the time I want you to spend on it?
  • How much do we want to spend?
  • What are the basic ingredients?
2. Will you let me do it?

3. Will you help me when I need it?

4. ?Will you tell me how I am doing?
Why do a lot of supervisors not do this?
  • Fear of losing authority
  • Fear of work being done?poorly
  • Fear of work being done?better
  • Unwillingness to take the?necessary time
  • Fear of depending on others
  • Lack of leadership training
  • Lack of a positive delegation?experience
  • Fear of losing value in the?organization
  • Control freaks

What is the best way to delegate well and empower people?

  1. Give the Assignment
  2. ?Give the Authority
  3. ?Hold them Accountable
  4. ?Give them Affirmation
  5. ?Give them gentle correction
Key Ingredients for Being a Great Leader of Others in Delegation:1. Have?faith?in the one to whom you delegate.2.?Release?the desire to do it ?better? yourself.3.?Relax?from the obsession that it has to be done your way.
4. Practice?patience?in the desire to do it faster yourself.5.?Vision?to develop others by delegating.
Quote of the show:
?The best?leader?is the one who has sense enough to pick good men?and women to?do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from?meddling with them while they do it.? T Roosevelt

Book recommendation of the Show: ?Patrick Lencioni ? “Three Signs of a Miserable Job”