22: Interview Dan Miller – Even Leaders Need to Relocate Sometimes

An interview with Dan Miller
48 Days, President

Even leaders find themselves searching for the right fit. ?In this interview with Dan, I ask him to unpack some of the realities of moving from your day job to your dream job. ?

Here are some of the questions I posed to Dan:

  • How do we know when it is time to move on?
  • What can we do to make the shift?
  • What is your advice to leaders in a rut?
  • You deal with leaders who are unhappy. ?What advice do you give them?
  • Can you give us a success story of someone who moved from one leadership assignment where they were withering away to a fulfilling new position?
  • How do I know when it is time to move on? ?We know that the grass always has to be mowed!
  • Failure: ?What advice do you give leaders that have failed and are trying to bounce back?
  • Tell me about what you are excited about as we approach the end of the year?

Dan Miller, President and self-dubbed ?Creative Thinker? of 48 Days LLC, specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He believes that meaningful work blends our natural skills and abilities, our unique personality traits and our dreams and passions. Dan is active in helping individuals redirect careers, evaluate new income sources, and achieve balanced living. He believes that a clear sense of direction can help us become all that God designed us to be.?

Dan Miller can be reached at 48Days.com