35: Women in Leadership: Kathrine Lee Interview Part 1

A Guest Blog with Kathrine Lee, The Ultimate Source

A few years ago when Oprah launched her new network, OWN, she ran a contest for anyone whose dream was to have their own TV show. The grand prize was a contract with her network. Because I had the privilege of being on her show a couple of times, I was encouraged to audition.

At first, I was excited and it made sense. If I was a leader and wanted to create change in the world around me, what better platform than having your own TV show connected to Oprah? But something was unsettled in me. I couldn?t figure out why I had such great hesitation and deep conviction that this was not the direction to go.

Then it hit me. I don?t want to be famous, I want to have influence. Now, I know you can be famous and have influence too but, for me, there was a distinct difference in the way I wanted to go about making an impact on the world around me.

Let me share the definitions to each word. In them the distinction becomes clear.

Fame: having a widespread reputation, usually of a favorable nature; renowned; celebrated

Influence:. the capacity of a person to be a compelling force on, or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, of others

Fame ends with being celebrated. Influence ends with the change of another.

Fame tracks my stats. Influence has me preparing someone else to step up to bat.

Fame focuses on me. Influence focuses on them.

Click on this image to view the video of this interview
Click on this image to view the video of this interview
There is nothing that gets me more excited as a leader than to take the time to pour into a couple of people and witness the change in them. This means really being there for them. And then, the greater reward is in equipping them to do the same for others. But how could that model possibly translate into a bigger impact than a show on Oprah?s Network? Let me give you an example that may surprise you.

What do you think would reach more people, filling the Rose Bowl (capacity 92,542) once a week for 6 months or mentoring 2 people a week and equipping them to do the same with 2 other people (and so on) for 6 months? I like to call the latter the ?You+2 Method of Influence.?

At first it?s clear that the Rose Bowl way is the obvious winner. After all, at week 6 the Rose Bowl plan has reached over a ? million people, yet the You +2 Method has yielded an impact of only 96. But let?s keep going.

If you follow this model further, you?ll see by week 20 the You+2 Model is gaining ground. It?s now 1,850,840 (Rose Bowl) to 1,572,864 (You+2)! But here?s the amazing part, by week 24, less than 6 months in, You+2 is the clear winner, beating the Rose Bowl route 25,165,824 (You+2) to 2,221,008 (Rose Bowl)!

Now here is something else to consider, how special do you think the two you personally mentored feel? How loyal do you think they would be to you?

In a world where we track everything by numbers, we can be tempted to place our worth in the numbers of ?likes? we have on Facebook or the followers we have on Instagram or Twitter. In a world that measures worth by how many books you?ve sold or the numbers of people who know your name, it?s easy to see how we can get caught up in our own personal fame instead of the influence we are having on another.

But what is really important? What is going to change our world? Fame or influence?

Are you okay that the numbers don’t trace back to you? And if you?re a Christian leader, shouldn’t Jesus be the only One they ultimately point to?

The Twelve Life Areas of the Ultimate Source:

Spirituality & Faith: Let God?s Word transform your life
Relationships: The power of effective communication
Gratitude & Attitude: Retrain your brain & overcome negative thoughts
Curiosity & Learning: Engage in child?like wonder; Tap into wisdom
Nutrition & Water: Nourish your body; Your personal wellness story
Goals & Organization: Plan & live a priority-driven life
Rest & Relaxation: Be content; Have Fun
Movement: Build momentum in your personal & professional life
Balance & Fulfillment: The power of your senses; Live an abundant life
Passion & Purpose: Discover & live your God?given design
Service & Giving Back: Serve others with your unique gifts; Self-care to care for others
Adventure: Leave your comfort zone; Dare to try something new

About Kathrine:

Kathrine Lee is a highly sought after life and business strategist. She is the Founder & Co-Creator of The Ultimate Source, a faith-based personal development system that teaches practical application of essential life skills. It was designed so that anyone can experience the abundant life God designed them to live. The Ultimate Source creates a deeper personal connection to God & His Word; therefore, producing more complete satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Kathrine is an internationally recognized speaker and has touched millions with her message of hope and transformation. She has worked with companies such as Boeing, Disney & DIRECTV and currently serves on the Advisory Board for The Daniel Plan at Saddleback Church. You may recognize Kathrine from one of her appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show or by reading her story in O Magazine.

If you would like to get in touch with Kathrine you can do so using social media or the contact form on her website.

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