45: Millennials in Leadership: An Interview with Patrick Kelley

Millennials are doing great things in Leadership
Millennials are doing great things in Leadership

Today I want to talk with a millennial about millennials in leadership.?? I get a big kick out of listeners in that age group.? After all, they are going to take over the world so we should be pouring our wisdom into them and listening to them as well.

Among the answers I received regarding pain points in leadership, I received this great question:

If you please, would you consider sharing a podcast with some leadership advice for millennial striving to demonstrate the value they have to offer and coaching on how to best work through conflict in the workplace? I see so many individuals who are uncomfortable when dealing with conflict and think that with a little help and guidance, we can overcome that which makes us uncomfortable and move forward to positive solutions.

Thank you for your willingness to share your experiences and grooming those who are itching to influence the world around them!

On a recent flight to China, I met a millennial generation business man, who provided a great interview to answer this very question.

Patrick Kelly is a Millennial business owner from California. He has worked in the Citrus Industry, and founded Kelly Brothers Industries, which is an importer and grower of fruit. He also has his own trucking company and is developing his own Pineapple line. In total he employs about 10 people but influences?40-50 people throughout his organization.

Patrick Kelly of Kelly Brothers, Industries
Patrick Kelly of Kelly Brothers, Industries

Situational Leadership

Kelly says Millennials filter all the options and here all the options before making a decision. He said you also sometimes need to change styles based on the culture you are working in, like using?charismatic leadership in South America, or “Command and Control” when dealing with Baby Boomers.

Work Culture

Rather than have a traditional corner office, Patrick’s company uses a more “4 hour work week” model where there goal is to make money and?produce quality products, but with fun and passion, having an X box in the office and more of a bullpen style office rather than cubicles and offices that?separate everyone.

3 Things to Strive for in leadership

  • Care
  • Believe
  • Be fair

Kelly also recommended the book The?Rise of the Creative Class by?Richard Florida


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  1. In Greenstein’s book “The Presidential Difference” President Gerald Ford’s style is described as filtering all options prior to making decisions. Whether or not you like his politics, you have to admire anyone including millennials who make decisions based on the logical filtering of options, rather than raw emotion. What a great podcast and thank you for a very interesting, timely and important topic!

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