MillennialBOOM! Book Now Launched – How to get generations in your workforce to thrive together


What is the Millennial BOOM? It might just be the sound of warfare across the two largest generations in America? workforce today. How much productivity are you losing as you assimilate Millennials into your operations?? Boomers number 76 million but Millennials are maxing out at 82 million! Is it possible to reduce the friction and respect each other? Hans and Patrick wrote this book to break up the cold war in life and work with Boomers and Millennials everywhere. What makes this book unique? It is co-written by a Boomer and a Millennial who actually respect each other and have learned to work well together.

Topics include five areas of generational conflict

  1. Work place & work space
  2. Schedules & priorities
  3. Dress & body art
  4. Marriage & family
  5. Technology

What people are saying about MillennialBOOM!

?Hans and Patrick get you thinking about how to bridge the gap between generations that can make or break a company culture and ability to maximize results in any entity. Their real-life experiences offer real life stories and provide a catalyst by a couple of thought leaders about what it takes to get along.?? ? Brian C ? Business Consultant

?Coming for the Air Force I think this book gave me a perspective, not just to automatically respect the other generations but realize how it important it is to Work together as a team. I’ve been on tour in other countries and without a collaborative team we would have failed. Patrick and Hans give good rules of engagement on how to better work with boomers and millennials in work And life.??? US Air Force Officer