27: Top Ten Ways to Love Your Wife with Donna Finzel

Top Ten Ways to Love Your Wife

with Hans and Donna Finzel



Listen, guys . . . you’ll never get to the bottom of the complex nature of the female heart. But try as best you can to learn all you can. It’s worth it.

This is the challenge put to husbands as Hans and Donna Finzel humorously and poignantly engage a hard but true principle: If you don’t understand how you do it wrong, you’ll never know how to do it right.

But the Finzels are quick to add, this book is not a put-down on men. It is a fresh glimpse into how most women are wired and how their men can run with, not against those currents. ?Drawing from their surveys of dozens of married couples all over the world, as well as from their own 25 years of marriage, Hans and Donna explore how to turn the top ten notorious marital faux pas into doable acts that say louder than words, “I do love you.”

From the Forward to the Book:

Some of you have picked up this book thinking to yourself, ?Great!??Here are some new ideas on loving making techniques.??We could use some creative input!???That is not what this book is all about.???We do believe, though, that mastering the art of loving one another in a healthy marriage leads to all kinds of fun in the bedroom!??A woman who truly senses deep love from her husband will naturally have plenty of physical love to give.

Marriage book

This summer as we write these pages we are attending several weddings.??Have you noticed how much people are spending on weddings???The cost of a decent wedding these days is outlandish, but people spare no expense for their special day.??One day!??What about the investment in the days that follow???Sadly it seems that weddings are more important than marriages in our country.
In this day of throw-away marriages, we want to have a marriage that will last a lifetime and be a solid example to our four children.???We want our family t
o be a force for good (even in a small way), in this culture that is losing the hope of life-long marriage.??As we launch each of our kids into adulthood, our prayer is that they will find mates who are committed to fulfilling the vow at the alter, ?till death do us part.????We know this is a monumental expectation, but, it?s also a great goal.?
Some of you are just getting started in your marriage. Great!??We are glad to have your attention.??Others of you are living in a marriage that is not the relationship you dreamed of as a young person.??You live with disappointment, boredom and unfilled needs. Of course some of you reading these pages have already failed in a relationship or two.??We accept you for who you are and hope our words help as you forget the past and look to a better tomorrow.?
Then there are you long termers who are making a good run at your marriage and are looking for a refresher course.??This book should give you fresh hope and positive ideas about how to make marriage work in the 21st?Century.??It may be old fashioned, but we believe that God honors the couple and who are committed to making it work for a lifetime.
We share with you our experiences and lessons learned from 35 years of a marriage that is far from perfect but that we have enjoyed.??When we stood at that altar in suburban Chicago in 1975, we vowed to be committed to Jesus Christ as our Savior, and to make Him an essential part of our home.??We want you the reader to be clear that this book is written with that foundation in mind.??We look to the Bible as a guide for having a marriage that will work as God designed it.???The Bible is very practical and has much to say about men and women, families and marriage.?
We also share with you from the lives and marriages of dozens of other marriages.??The list we came up with for the?Top Ten Ways to Love Your Wife?was gleaned from their input.??We want to acknowledge and thank all of those couples who contributed real-life stories to this book.?

The Top Ten Ways?..


1 – What Women Want
All she needs is love!
2 – Decipher Her Differences
A Lifelong Study of The Feminine Nature
3 – Speak No Evil
Communication and Conflict strategies
4- Find Her Frequency
Sharpen Your Listening Skills
5 – Treat Her as Equal Partner
Share leadership in the home
6 – Walk A Mile in Her Shoes
UNDERSTANDING the world of your wife
7 – Appreciate Her Worth
You’re living with nobility
8 – Provide Spiritual Direction
Offer Your Family Spiritual Leadership
9 – Share the Load
Home life is not a spectator sport
10 – Give Romance a Chance
Don’t give up on dating after you say “I do.”
Listen up guys . . . Let me hear from you. ?Let us hear how you liked this show. ?What do you do to keep the magic alive in your marriage? ?And you ladies, what do you think? ?What was your favorite part of this show?



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  1. Excellent podcast! After 55 years of marriage, we can affirm all of what you have shared, and some great reminders here!!