26: The Mentors in My Life and What They Taught Me

What have you learned from the mentors in your life?
What have you learned from the mentors in your life?

Mentors – What is this all about and why would this matter to you?

I want to model something I would challenge you to do:

  • Make the list of the people who have made you who you are in a positive way (We can all make the other list!)
  • List their single greatest contribution to you.
  • Have you ever told them thank you? ?For some it is not too late.
  • It helps you think about your impact on others.

Mentor is?? “an experienced and trusted adviser.”

The contrast of Mentors!

My view is very organic and informal

Mentoring is upwards, downwards and sideways!!

Top Ten List of Mentors:
Here is the biggest lesson I learned from each one of them:

  • Bobby Clinton – Give up the right to be right
  • John and Jo Cook – The defined BAM long before the term was coined – showed me the power of using business for Kingdom good
  • Robertson McQuilken – Believed in me. ?Servant leadership.
  • Mark Bubeck – The presence of God and scriptural prayer. ?(He let me marry his daughter!)
  • Buck Hatch – Reluctant leadership
  • Bud Hinkson – The power of pure passion – light yourself on fire, and people will come to watch you burn. ? I have a dream – not I have a plan!
  • Howard Hendricks – Communication clarity. ?Less is more. ?Fog and mist. ?Quit talking before they quit listening. ?Leave your problems at the office
  • Arno Enns – Color outside the lines – we need it! ?Mavericks bring us the future
  • Peter Pendell – Believed in me and supported me in my leadership as board chair – showed me what gracious leadership is all about. ?And how to revive a burned out heart.
  • Sean Myers – Younger than I by a lot! ?Taught me to believe in myself. ?To stay positive. ?And that you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you schedule!

Quote of the Show:
“You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you schedule!” ?Sean Myers

Book to Recommend:

Connecting: The Mentoring Relationships You Need to Succeed (Spiritual Formation Study Guides) ?Paul Stanley and Bobby Clinton ?Navpress?

Please write me your tough leadership questions for a future show


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  1. Great communication, Hans. You blessed my soul with you kind comments and challenging goals. Here’s a suggested question: What’s the best way to get a fresh start when you plateau and don’t see your future path of progress?

    1. Thanks so much Dad. I am impressed that you are reading blogs, listening to Podcasts and have learned how to make comments. I am honored to call you dad. Thanks for the great suggestion that I will add to my podcast I am working on for “Thorny Leadership Questions.” – Hans

  2. muchas gracias.ps tu libro los 10 errores del liderazgo cambia mi perspectiva de lider en toda area..bendiciones junto a bobby clinton.

    1. Thanks so much. Not exactly sure what you are saying, but I can tell that you are from Brazil and we have Bobby Clinton in common and you have read my Top Ten Mistakes book!