You need to be “all in” or “all gone.”

Great leadership books - Hans Finzel - The Power of Passion in Leadership

“You need to be all in or all gone. There is just too much at stake…God if I cannot trust you now after all we’ve been through, then something is wrong with my faith. I?can?trust you and I?will?trust you.” The Power of Passion in Leadership: Lead From Your Heart Not Just your Head?by:Dr.Hans Finzel.

These are some reflections on my Passion book from one of my readers. ?Thanks Danny for expressing so well the place of passion in our lives as leaders.PPL_CoverforOptIn

“This book had a profound impact on me during this particular season that I find myself in. It is healthy to know that there are seasons to life and that God may call you to something different; and thats okay. Sometimes we stick around too long and begin to do more harm then good. Understanding that we need to be all there or all gone was a thought that I reflected on a lot. Once your heart has moved on it is important to trust that God will lead and provide for whatever the next task HE has for you. Knowing and reaffirming in my mind that He is worthy to be trusted was a very healthy thing to dwell on. I think that in the past I have waited too long to make a decision thinking that I could tough it out or by “manning up.” I hope and pray that i can be sensitive enough to the Holy Spirit to sense His leading and direction. ” ? – from Danny in Maryland, USA