62: Interview with Dr. Mick Ukleja

This week I have a great interview for you with Dr. Mick Ukleja! Dr. Ukleja is a Consultant, Teacher, and Writer who studies and teaches

61: Do Leaders Need Thick Skin?

Welcome to this episode about whether leaders need a thick skin. I want to apologize for some technical issues with my?Engage page. I am extending

60: Courageous Leadership

Welcome to episode 60! I am so excited to have been podcasting for 2 years, and have 60 episodes out there for you. I hope

59: Communication Chaos, Part 2

We are continuing the series from my book Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make with the second half of Chapter 7: Communication Chaos, Singing from the

58: Communication Chaos, Part 1

This is a continuation of my series on my book Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. In this chapter we are discussing the communication in our